Betta Fish Care

Why you shouldn’t keep Betta fish in a vase

Unfortunately for them, it is possible to keep Betta fish in a vase and they are capable of surviving in a vase for short periods of time only. Here are some damn good reasons why you shouldn’t keep a Betta fish in a vase.

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It’s just plain dirty

Just like any other aquarium fish, Bettas need clean water in order to grow and live a healthy and happy life. Restricting their room for swimming is cruel enough but each fish required a good volume of water, preferably at least one gallon per fish in order to maintain a healthy aquarium environment. Either regular water changes with dechlorinated water or a sufficient filtration system must be in place. The Betta fish labyrinth organ isn’t, as it is often thought, an excuse to leave the poor fish in a bowl and forget about it. the labyrinth organ allows Betta fish to breathe air at the water’s surface when there is insufficient oxygen in the water, ammonia and nitrites will still have a negative effect on your Betta fish’s health.

You don’t know where they’ve been

The plants that is; you cannot be certain that there are no inorganic substances on the stems of any plants you are putting in your vase and consequentially, you may be marching your Betta fish off to the pearlyscales gates in double quick time.

Its boring for the fish

You wouldn’t like to spend your entire life coped up inside a small space, and neither would a Betta fish. They need stimulation just like any other animal and it is the owner’s responsibility to provide this. They are not there to add something slightly more interesting to your bunch of carnations.

Vases are subject to rapid temperature changes

Not only do vases contain so little water than any pollution can cause a massive change in water chemistry, but they are often put on window sills resulting in direct sunlight and rapid temperature changes. Unstable water conditions are not good for any aquarium fish, including Betta fish.

It wouldn’t hurt to find a proper aquarium

you can pick up a ready to go aquarium for very little these days and nano aquariums hardly cost the Earth. For such a small price, you can give your Betta fish a decent home and ensure both the health of an animal in your possession and your won peace of mind.

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