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Betta Fish Fin Rot Treatment for Betta Fish Care

Betta fish fin rot treatment provides the way to treat the betta fish when this kind of fish suffers from fin rot. The characteristic of fin rot in the betta fish body are the fins increase shorter and also there is some whiteness appears in the edge of the fin. When the fin is untreated well, the base fins will become red and also inflamed with bloody patches and spotty.

This kind of disease occurs to the betta fish when the betta fish feels distressed because of many things. The causal factor that can make the betta fish suffer from fin rot are when the water condition is poor, uneaten food that can cause bacteria, overfeeding to the betta fish, and also overcrowding that can make the betta fish stress.

As a result, we have to treat the betta fish to avoid stress. There are many kinds of betta fish fin rot treatment that can be used to cure the betta fish from fin rot.

Steps for Betta Fish Fin Rot Treatment

The first step that we should do to give treatment for betta fish that suffer from fin rot is remove the water in the aquarium and examine the actual condition in the aquarium. After that, we should remove everything that contained in the aquarium. After removing done, we should wash all of the decorations of the tank including rocks in the bottom of the tank by using hot water.

The use of hot water to wash the decoration and rocks in order to make the bacteria that absorbs in the aquarium disappears. In order to wash the aquarium decoration, we are not allowed to use soap. After that, we can follow the instruction in changing the water. When fin rot is about bacterial infection, in order to cure it we can use medication. That is the best way for betta fish fin rot treatment.