Betta Fish Tank

Does Betta Fish Need Light at Night in the Aquarium?

Betta fish is a kind of fish that has characteristic in aggressiveness. The betta fish lives in the warm water and categorized into a non nocturnal species of fish. It means that betta fish sleeps at the night in the aquarium and spends the day to do some activities.

In the daily activities, this kind of aggressive fish likes to swim freely and do some aggressive movements in the aquarium. This kind of fish also likes to hide in the dark place in the edge of the aquarium. This aggressive colorful fish feels so comfort in the aquarium that there is no bright light. It is because the betta fish is able to schedule the regular light and dark periods in the way this kind of fish live in the aquarium.


Do Betta Fish Need Light at Night When Sleeping

This kind of fish tends to be comfort in the dark place during the night. This can be seen when this beautiful colorful fish sleeps. In the sleeping time, the betta fish often lays in the bottom of aquarium and also looking for a dark place to take a rest.

This kind of fish doesn’t need light at the moment this kind of fish sleeping. So, we as an owner of betta fish do not need to provide a light in the aquarium for betta fish at the night. When the light provided and it is turning on, the betta fish feels no comfort in the way this kind of fish sleeping. Betta fish tends to look for a place that is far from the light, may be at the bottom of tank or the hidden place that its loves.

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