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The Best Way in Cleaning a Betta Fish Tank

In cleaning a betta fish tank, we need to take care about the way that we are doing to keep the tank clean. In the process of cleaning the aquarium, there are many steps that should be taken by the owner. The first step before cleaning the aquarium, we need to store the new water in the aquarium in 24 hours before we are cleaning the aquarium.

This step is very important to do in order to make the chlorine disappeared from this water naturally. As we know that chlorine is harmful for the betta fish and the other kinds of fish species. Thus, the chlorine that contained in the water within the tank has to be disappeared naturally at the first time before cleaning.

Then, the next step is to use siphoning tube in order to suck the water out from the tank before cleaning a betta fish tank. The use of this kind of device can be potential to make the aquarium free of water. This kind of tube can be connected to the empty bucket as a place to waste the water from the aquarium. In the process of cleaning the tank, we need to make sure that there is no soap to be used in the way of cleaning the betta fish aquarium.

The Frequency of Cleaning a Betta Fish Tank

In cleaning a betta fish tank, we need to make the schedule in order to make the aquarium that contained betta fish clean. In order to make the betta fish lives healthy, we need to change 25% of water in the betta fish tank once in a week. The routines activity in cleaning the betta fish tank can improve the health of this kind of aggressive fish.


The Danger of Betta Fish Vase

Betta fish is a kind of aggressive fighting fish that can live in the warm water and also can live in the betta fish vase. Because of the place where betta fish found, many people that own betta fish think that betta fish can be placed in the small place as the betta fish found at the first time.

Most of people think that betta fish is able to live in the small place like a cup, vase, bowl, or any other small place, so, many people place the betta fish in that kinds of small place. But, when we place this kind of aggressive colorful fish into the small place, it can be dangerous for betta fish live.

Inappropriate Place for Betta Fish Called Betta Fish Vase

In the way taking care of betta fish, the betta fish vase is not appropriate for betta fish during its life. But if we don’t want to breed the betta fish, it will be fine to place the betta fish in a vase. As the consequence of placing the betta fish in a vase, we have to be ready if the betta fish can’t grow up well and live in a short time than the one which placed in the larger aquarium.

Based on the characteristic of the betta fish, this kind of colorful fish is categorized into the aggressive fish which loves to swim freely in the aquarium. This kind of fish also loves to jump out in the surface of the aquarium, so, it will be inappropriate place if the betta fish is placed in the vase. It can make the betta fish in danger when placing into a betta fish vase. This kind of beautiful fish will stress because of the restrictiveness of movement space in a vase.