Betta Fish Care

Betta Fish Care

Guidance for betta fish care lets you know the way to take care of betta fish. As everybody knows about betta fish, this fish often live in the shallow and warm water. Betta fish can live in the slow moving water and clean water. This type of fish can live in the country where the paddy grows up. So, they can be found in the several South East Asia countries. Before you buy bettas from betta fish for sale shop, you should understand how to take care of this colorful fish, there are many things to be considered.

Betta Tank Must Be Ideal

So many people that take care of betta fish always put the betta fish they own into the cup or small fish bowl. They think that betta fish only use shallow water that can make it live as it natural habitat. But the thing that betta fish owner forgets is a thing that can make betta fish thrive best. Betta fish can thrive best in the warm water. So, the tank that contains betta fish must be contained by warm water. If the tank of betta fish contains water with the temperature below 75 degrees, it almost certainly that the fish become lethargic, dispirited, even the fish will become ill. It is suggested that the water temperature in the tank is 80 degrees of Fahrenheit, so it can make the colorful hardy Thailand fish healthy. For your information, the water that used in the betta fish tank should be contained with soft pH. That is the first thing that we should know about betta fish care.

Size of Betta Fish Tank Should be Appropriate

Betta fish is the fish that aggressive. Because of the reason, many people think that the fish should be alone in the betta fish tank. However, this thing doesn’t appropriate with the truth. According to that reason, it doesn’t mean that betta fish should be alone in the tank. Betta fish can be put into the tank with other non aggressive one. According to the information, male betta fish can do best if he is the only betta fish in the tank. Because of male betta fish often fight with the other male betta fish, so, we can put the other male betta fish in the different place. But, it doesn’t mean that the male betta fish should be alone in the fish tank, the tank can be contained with the other fish species that are non aggressive fish. Male betta fish tend to fight with other male betta fish or the community of other aggressive fish in the same tank. It is different with the female betta fish that can be added into a fish tank with other female betta fish up to 5 female betta fish. They can live together in a fish tank and make harmonic community in the betta fish tank. Meanwhile, size of betta tank depends on the number of fish that contain in the tank. In a tank or bowl, a single male betta will live happily with his activity. On the other hand, the community of females one should be well planted in the same tank. It is needed 10 gallon tank to keep them alive with the personal territory. They need a large tank to avoid them injured.

Accessories of Betta Tank

Betta tank need to decorate well to keep the betta grow up healthy. There are many accessories that should be included in the aquarium. Providing a few hiding spots is the most betta fish needed, especially the female one. They can live happily in the hidden place in the aquarium, because of betta fish loves hidden place. Sometimes we need to spruce the tank, so, it is suggested to choose only live plants. Adding aquarium gravel in the bottom of the tank also can be the choice, because it is not completely necessary for the accessories of betta tank. It such kind of complement thing in the bottom of the tank. Betta fish has a respiratory organ that called labyrinth, so, betta fish can live in the aquarium without air pump. It is different with the others species of aquarium fish that need air pump to keep them alive in the aquarium. That’s why betta fish can live in the bowl without an air pump. This hardy fish tank should have a cover or something to cover the tank in order to avoid the fish jumping out. It is suggested that the water that contain in the tank not more than 80 percent because the fish loves to leap out of the water when they are happy.

Cleaning Betta Tank

Guidance for betta fish care that must be understood more is about cleaning the betta tank. In order to keep the water clean, we should cleaning betta fish tank once a week. In the process of cleaning the betta tank, we do not allow to use soap in order to clean accessories of the tank or the part of the tank. We should replace 20 percent of water in the tank each week in order to remove toxin in the tank.

The Way to Feed Betta Fish

Betta fish has a small stomach, so, we can feed this species of fish properly. It is not recommended to feed this beautiful species of fish too much. Most of betta fish can eat three betta pellets and also tiny pinch of betta flakes. Betta is also possible to eat brine shrimp either frozen or fresh, bloodworm and also daphnia either fresh or freeze dried. In some cases, there are betta fish that is picky; it means that the picky betta fish can only eat live foods. It is bad if this beautiful fish eat too much live foods, because too much live foods can cause them obesity. This beautiful fish can easily constipated, in order to prevent it, we may feed this species of feed a cooked cooled pea once a week.

Those are the guidance for betta fish care that gives us knowledge to take care of betta fish. This is very important to be learn in order to keep betta fish healthy.

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