Month: November 2020

Betta Fish Tank

Finding Best Betta Fish

Want to rear a Betta Fish? So do you know where to find the best Betta fish in your area?

There are many ways for you to look for the best Betta fish. To tell you the truth, the best Betta fishes are usually from Thailand or Cambodia. The reason is that their fishes tend to have better colors and for some reasons they lasted longer. (To me)

So, when you visit a Betta fish store, here’s what you need to do: Wave your hand over the mouth of the container, does the fish react? If so, that may be a good indication of a good fish. Remove the separator, see if it flares when it sees other Bettas. If they do, it’s a good indication too.

Do not buy Betta fishes that are found to have a covered top on their tanks, or if they are stack on top of each other. You see, these fishes need air to breath at the top and if they are covered, they will find it harder to breath. If it finds itself harder to breath, it’s may not be healthy.

Lastly, if you find fishes in small plastic bags, do not buy them. These fishes are in an area that is way too small for them to move around.